kawasaki rogo Regenerator System Layer Improvement Works
(Waterproof and heat insulation works)

Heat insulation material of regenerator system layer will be deteriorating cause of the insufficient waterproof and heat insulation material will peel off/drop off. Above problem will bring on the water leak. Dose above mentioned problems influence on the around equipment in the regenerator system layer? Therefore, special lining method will be useful instead of heat insulation material to refresh and reduce running costs.

Actual situation
actual situation

This actual situation photograph shows heat insulation material dropped off from ceiling cause of insufficient waterproof and deterioration. Therefore, regenerator system layer lost heating effect and brings on the dew condensation problem on the above floor.
After get rid of heat insulation materials
lining befor

After get rid of heat insulation materials, confirm cracks, etc on the walls and execute high-pressure washing. Set up heat insulation materials.
Set up lining heat insulation materials. Completion
lining head insulation material

TopCoat lining
topcoat lining

Before and after execution of lining works for distribution pipes in the regenerator system layer.

lining beforlining after