kawasaki rogo Is existing water supply pipe safety?

Is existing water supply pipe safety? Have you checked?

You might be drinking unsuitable water as drinking water.
If you felt something wrong such as red color, smell, low pressure, etc, it already became unsuitable water.

red water
The above picture is only 8 years aged water supply pipe.
Normally, consumer is using water supply pipes without any think of problems.
In this opportunity, we would like to recommend diagnosis of existing pipe.
To inspect by yourself, take first water in the morning to research water quality.
If you call our company, we will introduce you the inspection agency.
if you inspect actual condition of existing pipes including water quality test, we would like to recommend execution of diagnosis work.
Please click the right to move into diagnosis work.
Even though replace existing pipes to new pipes, there are a lot of buildings which has a red water problem that's why some parts of existing pipes are impossible to replace due to building condition and leaving aged pipes still in the wall or above ceiling.
In addition to the above matter, it is same thing replacing existing iron pipe to vinyl lining iron pipe if parts of aged iron pipes are leaving.
Therefore, we would like to recommend rehabilitation works of existing pipes by using lining technology to stop red water/leaking immediately on this case.