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Are you suffering from any water problems such as
red water, water leak and unsuitableness qualified water?

Regenerate the existing pipe to refresh.

Please refer to the under photographs of existing pipe, after cleaning process and after lining process.
Regeneration works of pipe is cleaning the existing pipe
by polishing materials/pigs with compressed air/water
and also lining the special epoxy resins to coat inside of pipe.
Please refer to the water examination chart of after execution work.
ani iClick here to go the water examination chart of after execution workj
In case of lost drawing sites, execute the site inspection and make an estimate sheet.

In case of the regeneration works of sewage pipe, execute the turn over method and portion repair method.
cry Attentionj : In case of the installed copper/stainless pipe in the bath tab to supply hot water in welfare facilities, there are many cases of water leak at unexpected points even though its new pipes. Almost of the above cases, there is no pit and it is very difficult to replace the pipes. How about the regeneration works as a one of repair methods in such a difficult sites?

Lining Works of Copper Pipe


Cleaning Works of Vinyl pipe

In case of the over 800 mm diameter pipe, correspond to the lining works by the operator.

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