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About the diagnosis work of piping system

In diagnosis work of piping system, various kinds of states have to be inspected.
For example, how is the situation of existing pipe?
and Which part of pipes are in deteriorate and corrosion?,etc.
Collect the various kinds of data from the existing pipes to grasp the situation
of piping system generosity.
Also, making the drawing of piping system according to the result of inspection of piping system
and find out the deteriorated pipes partially to replace them.
Therefore, it is not necessary to replace all pipes in case of big site recently.
Our various kinds of non-destruction inspect technology and equipment is developing everyday.
We can compose to the client's demand, what kind of inspection do you need? estimate?
contents level of report? and so on.
Therefore, we can suggest the most suitable inspection method for your demand within the estimate.
Main inspection methods are as follows and it is very important to use each advantage for inspection.

iiSituation of measuring thickness of pipe by supersonic wavejj

mark Various kinds of supersonic wave measurement
It is possible to measure the thickness of pipe from the outside by small sized supersonic wave equipment at working site.
mark Fiber scope inspection
Insert the fiberscope camera to the small diameter pipe to inspect the situation of inside pipe. (Insert fiber scope camera)
mark Camera Inspection
Insert the camera to the big diameter pipe to inspect the situation of inside pipe. (Insert the small sized movable camera)
mark Samples of existing pipe
After suspension of water supply, collect the samples of existing pipe. It is possible to guess the situation of inside pipe from the water quality.
mark Analysis of component (confirmation of extraneous matter)
Analysis of extraneous matters of inside pipe.
mark X-rays inspection
Take a picture of inside pipe by roentgen rays.
mark Hearing inspection
mark Underwater pipe inspection
Inspection of piping route by sonar and measuring the thickness of pipes by divers in non-destruction.
mark Conservative inspection of equipment (air conditioning equipment, etc)

The above mentioned inspection methods will be fabricated depends on the site.
Due to the inspection of piping system,
we can find out the best time for replace pipes
and prevent the big scale replacement works for your reference.

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