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Generally say, life span of water supply pipe is 15 years.
However, the large amount of chlorine is throwing into the low water to make sterile water due to the water pollution recently.
Normally, 10 years aged pipes bring on the red water, low flowing, etc,
but now days even though 1 to 2 years aged pipes,
those problems will also be occurred cause of the above mentioned reason.
Also, there are various kinds of factors to corrode pipes from inside and outside of pipe such as electrolytic corrosion,
difference of soil and so on. If using the polyvinyl chloride pipe and polyethylene pipes for water supply pipes,
rust problem will not be occur, but endurance problem, fire prevention problem and waste product problem will be occur.
In case of the polyvinyl chloride iron pipe, enough anticorrosive treatment to the joint parts will be important to prevent the red water.
According to the result of water examination, Fe, appearance, color scheme,
muddiness will be the factors of unsuitableness qualified water mostly.
Therefore, it can be remain that rust is the large factor of unsuitableness qualified water mainly.

QDDevelopment Background of Regeneration Works of Pipe

It is very difficult to replace the hidden pipes in the building and replacement of pipes need big cost
and waste products problem will be occurring.
Especially in the old drainpipes, it is very difficult to replace due to the installation condition
and portion repaired pipes bring on the red water and water leak problems.
Even though the new installation pipes such as the copper pipes bring on the water leak
within a few years cause of the electrolytic corrosion.
To solve the above-mentioned problems, regeneration works of pipe is very useful.
Regeneration works of pipe is cleaning inside of existing pipe and lining
by special epoxy resins include joint parts,
therefore it is almost not necessary to spend the any construction material cost or waste product cost at all.
Also, regeneration works will reduce the waste products of VVC iron pipes in future.
To find the unknown water leak points,
execute the inspection of buried water-piping system to solve any water leak problem

Q|P.About the development

There are various kinds of pipes and connecting methods, also flowing fluid.
In the lining methods, it is very important to choice the special resins depend on the pipes.
Generally air/water compressors are using for this methods in the reason of convenience and low cost.
Also, there are other equipment such as nitrogen gas and robot in case of the special technique.
In case of the air conditioning pipes, there are a lot of joint parts by small sized diameter,
so it is very important to consider the joint parts for lining by the special resins.
To repair the pinhole leak, lining method is very useful to repair it without any digging instead of replace pipes.

Q|Q.About Regeneration methods
(1) SJ Method (Sand Jet Method)
Available for small diameter pipes until 100 mm to regenerate.
By using compressed air,
send the polishing materials though the pipe to cleaning and lining the inside of pipe by special resins.
(2) PIG Method (Pigging Method)
Available for the pipe diameter 100 mm to 800 mm to regenerate.
By using high compressed water/air to send the pigs (polishing/lining equipment) though the pipe to cleaning
and lining the inside of pipe by special resins.
RDLimit for apply methods
R|P.Permitted limit of pipes
Available for SGP, VVC Iron Pipe, Copper Pipe, Stainless Pipe, Coast Metal Pipe, VVC Pipe.
Diameters are permitted from 13 mm to 800 mm.
In case of the over 800 mm sized pipes, execute the other methods.
Preliminary meeting will be necessary in case of connecting the different kinds of pipes.

R|Q.Limit for apply resins

To make the most suitable resins, following information will be needed.
kMain Termsl
Low Material of Pipe, Diameter, Connecting Method, Age, Site and Site Condition
(condition of pressure, etc).
Flowing Fluid: component, temperature (Max, Min), pH, Conditions of Pressure
(necessary to preliminary meeting in case of alternative pressure and chemical fluid)
In case of drinking water, maximum temperature will be 130 and others will be maximum 200.
limit temperature will be changed depends on the component and concentration of fluid.

R|R.Special lining materials

Epoxy resins will be use for drinking water lining materials.
To lining the stainless pipe and copper pipe, special resins will be needed to lining those materials.
In case of the regeneration works of drainpipes, it is difficult to establish the temporary drainpipes,
therefore use the early hardening resins to be use drainpipe again within a day.
In case of the air conditioning pipes, special heatproof lining materials will be needed
and also need a flake lining materials to repair the pinholes of pipe.

R|S.Main regeneration work of pipes

Hot Water Supply Pipe
Cold/Hot Water Distribution Pipe
Fire Fighting Pipe
Gas Distribution Pipe
Chemical Fluid Pipe
Salt Water Pipe, etc.

SDDrawing of buried pipe system

S|P.Confirmation of buried pipe system
Drawings of buried pipe system are important reference,
however most of drawings are not correctness.
According to the non-drawing sites, inspection works of buried pipes will be necessary.
In case of the underground pipes and hidden pipes will be found out
by the non-destruction method to make a drawing of site

S|Q.Simple additional works on regeneration process

Even though grasp the piping system of site after inspection works,
initial plan might be changed cause of corrosions of connecting parts
and underground parts and some simple additional works will be needed,
especially in case of big site such as hospitals and schools, etc.
Therefore, preliminary meeting will be necessary before the execution of regeneration works.

S|R.Preliminary Inspection

Methods and outlines of regeneration works will be changed depends on the sites.
Therefore, it is very important to execute the preliminary inspection by the engineer of regeneration works
(appointed developers of regeneration works) before the execution of regeneration works.

TDEstablish situation of equipment

Lining Machine (Carrying Capacity 3t Truck)
Dust/Rust Collector (Carrying Capacity 3t Truck)
Transport Car for Materials

T|Q.Noise problem/FONT>

Due to the connecting existing pipe with each machines by the antipressure hoses,
any dust/rust will never come out to around.
Also, only compressor and generator make noise, however both of them equip the soundproofing system.
Soundproofing sheet will be use, if necessary.

UDOther lining

U|P.Lining method for non-joint pipes

In case of the normal pipes, using joints to connect the elbow pipes and other pipes.
some pipes weld on the elbow parts directory instead of joint parts
and also there is a bender pipe in case by case.
Special lining method will be necessary to regenerate such kind of above-mentioned pipes.
It is possible to execute regeneration works even though short pipes as same as the above situation.

U|Q.Other related lining

Outside of pipe anticorrosive lining for outside pipe
Inside of RC tank lining
Inside and outside of FRP tank lining
Sun shield lining of FRP tank
Waterproof and heating lining of inside regenerative filter
Inside and outside of hot/cold water supply tank lining
Other anticorrosive lining
We recommend the execution of lining works not only inside of pipes,
but also to the other related parts.
Regeneration methods and materials will be changed depend on the situation of sites.


V|P.Only cleaning process

Some clients request us only cleaning of pipes,
however corrosion velocity of metal materials will be increased after cleaning of pipes.
Therefore, please execute the lining after cleaning process.
Cleaning methods will be choice out of following methods depend on pipes.
Brast cleaning
Jet cleaning
Pig cleaning
Chemicals wash cleaning, etc.
Each methods will be choice depend on the pipes.


Drinking water is precious source and very necessary for life,
however we waste the large amount of water due to the red water and water leak problems, etc.
It is very important to reduce such problems
and also regeneration works can reduce the waste products and contribute to the recycle.